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Image by iKonakona
Taunt: Square Dance
Level 29
6.33 ref
Refined Metal
Scrap Metal
1 key 7.33 ref pure 2 key in items
Level 30
1 key 9.77 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Caution Trade offer only, pure or item overpay!
Cut Throat Concierge
Level 62
3.16 ref
Refined Metal
Scrap Metal
Bill's Hat
Level 10
4 key 6.27 ref
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
Champ Stamp
Level 74
2.00 ref
Refined Metal
Villain's Veil
Level 34
4.33 ref
Refined Metal
Reclaimed Metal
Berliner's Bucket Helm
Level 39
1.22 ref
Refined Metal
Reclaimed Metal
Taunt: The High Five!
Level 5
4.83 ref
Refined Metal
Scrap Metal
Vintage Respectless Rubber Glove
Level 32
4.66 ref
Refined Metal
Reclaimed Metal
Vintage Stockbroker's Scarf
Level 1
0.61 ref
Genuine Anger


Muselk's charity event for the hunger project

Fri, 21 Nov 2014 08:15:29 +0000
Hi guys,

we all know that traders have a heart of... gold.

So now is the time to show it, donate to Muselk's charity event, I gave 100 keys, always having had a meal myself I thought I'd give to this charity.

When you donate a certain amount, you'll be eligible for a big unusual raffle so that your good dead gets rewarded :)

Check the details for yourself:

MyBot week-end update

Sat, 15 Nov 2014 16:33:09 +0000
Both MyBot and Inventory viewer changes:
  • Now old keys (like Christmas ones etc...) show as their original picture
  • At the bottom of the page I added pagination to make it easier to navigate between sections

MyBot new features
  • Your Name -> My Bot Trades: Each user now has a personal bot page to share if you want to point people to your own MyBot trades, accessible from the menu. Here are mine for example:
  • For enhanced security, I've added a feature to stop the bot automatically if it needs to be updated.
  • Trading market[] now has pagination at the bottom (there were so many trades that the search would get a bit slow before... not anymore!)
  • Paint banking (pro only)
  • Better feedback when accepting trades (the steam data is added to the text)
  • Option to auto-promote your trade offers on your steam profile page

To sell / bank your items:

To see what others are selling:

The bot tutorial if you need help:
Have fun

Note: Firefox users, if the robot doesn't update properly and keeps asking you to update, clear your cache:

More MyBot Banking items !!!

Sun, 09 Nov 2014 19:55:03 +0000
Added the following items for banking:
  • MVM robot parts
  • Taunt: Square Dance
  • Taunt: Flippin' Awesome
To sell / bank your items:

To see what others are selling:

The bot tutorial if you need help:
Have fun

Introducing Live Trading and new MyBot features

Sun, 09 Nov 2014 18:09:53 +0000 general new features
- Steamrep API supported everywhere, scammer get a mark next to their name

You need to reload the bot page
New features of Mybot:
  • Unlimited sell orders for free users (it used to be 4), now you can sell all the cheap stuff you don't use, the only limit now is pro is needed for selling items worth more than 1.5 keys.
  • SteamRep support for detecting scammers
  • Control your stocks:
    1. allows to set the max number of items you want to sell per sell order, in case you have multiple copies of the item and you want to keep one for yourself for example
    2. allows to set the max number of items you want to buy per bank order
Live Trading
Live trading shows items you can buy and sell without waiting (basically from people using MyBot), just send them a trade offer and it'll be accepted within a minute or two.